Insulated Safety Tools 1000 V

Insulated safety tools by GEDORE:
Spanners 1000 V
  • VDE single-ended spanner rings, adjustable wrenches and sockets by GEDORE
  • GEDORE vanadium steel 31CrV3
  • VDE insulation up to 1000 V, to EN 60900/IEC 60900, dual Check-Tool insulation
Torque wrenches 1000 V
  • Controlled screw tightening in the most common range of 5 - 50 N·m / 4 - 37 lbf·ft
  • Automatic short-path actuation with tactile impulse and audible signal
  • Dual scale with a scale graduation of 5 N·m and 5 lbf·in
  • Fine toothed ratchet with square drive as per DIN 3120 - A 12.5, ISO 1174
  • VDE insulation up to 1000 V, to EN 60900/IEC 60900, dual Check-Tool insulation
Sockets + Accessories 1000 V
  • Sockets bits, screwdriver bits and ratchets VDE-certified
  • GEDORE vanadium steel 31CrV3
  • VDE insulation up to 1000 V, to EN 60900/IEC 60900, dual Check-Tool insulation
Screwdrivers 1000 V
  • Hexagon socket key for in-hex screws with and without T-handle
  • Screwdrivers for slotted screws (SlimDrive), cross-head screws PH and PZ (also SlimDrive), internal TORX® screws
  • Practical sets for direct use

The multifunctional tool for hand tightening

MaVo screwdriver

  • Screwdriver, voltage finder and magnetic field tester in one
  • Safe working in high-voltage areas
  • Ergonomic design for efficient, fatigue-free working

One screwdriver Three functions

Reliable voltage finder Simply essential

Our innovative MaVo screwdriver for PH-cross-slotted head screws is also a no-contact voltage finder and magnetic field tester. Thanks to the innovative capacitive testing method, the no-contact 3-in-1 tool identifies electric fields, and can localise cable breaks to within a few millimetres. As a magnetic field tester, the multifunctional MaVo checks electro-magnetic switches and reliably displays both permanent and alternating magnetic fields. The screwdriver is insulated to 1000 volts, and guarantees safe working on live equipment.

  • Electric fields are indicated by a red warning light, magnetic fields by a green one
  • Positive-fit joints between handle and blade for optimum transmission of force
  • Resilient, wear-resistant magnetic blade made of molybdenum-vanadium plus steel
Insulated Safety Tools 1000 V
Pliers 1000 V
  • Wide range of VDE-certified pliers
  • Handles with VDE insulating sleeves up to 1000 V, to EN 60900/IEC 60900, dipped insulation: dual Check-Tool insulation
Accessories 1000 V
  • VDE rubber covers, insulation mats, protective gloves and much more
  • VDE insulation up to 1000 V, to EN 60900/IEC 60900
Tool assortment for mechanical engineers 120 pieces
  • Practical entry-level toolset
  • The range includes mechanical and electrical engineering tools
  • Suitable for use in GEDORE tool trolley workster
  • Recommended hook assortment no. 1500 HS-1023 (53 pieces)
VDE tool assortment
  • Ideal as the initial set for electrical specialists
  • The GEDORE tool case or tool trolley are suited for mobile assignments
  • Recommended hook assortment 1500 HS-1093 (26 pcs.)
Tool case ELECTRICIAN 90 pcs.
  • The perfect tool set for the electrician or property manager
  • A practical assortment for on-site use
  • Packed in a strong hard-shell case made of impact-proof plastic
  • Aluminium frame, three steel hinges, four floor glides and a screwed handle with integrated locks
  • Strong companion - to be used wherever the right tools have to be always at hand
  • GEDORE vanadium tools, chrome-plated
  • Dimensions: B 480 x D 370 x H 180 mm
VDE tool assortment HYBRID 53 pcs.
  • The perfect range of tools for repairs and maintenance of hybrid and electric vehicles
  • For vehicles by any manufacturer
  • All tools insulated to EN 60900/EC 60900
  • GEDORE L-BOXX® 136 compatible with the Sortimo® vehicle interior on your service mobile