Ratchets / sockets / accessories

GEDORE ratchets / sockets / accessories

Powerful ratchets and sturdy sockets

A huge variety of types
  • Intelligently designed ratchets for any requirement
  • Sturdy, fine-toothed, durable and extremely resilient
  • Top-grade industrial quality for the toughest continuous loads
  • Unrivalled diversity of hot-forged sockets, metric, inch, TORX®, multi-tooth, internal hexagon or slot and cruciform
  • Screw head protecting profiles (UD bi-hexagonal and hexagonal)

Operating tools

GEDORE ratchets / sockets / accessories
6,3 (1/4'') drive
  • Extensive range of 6.3 (1/4"') sets, ratchets, sockets and accessories
  • Use of the most up-to-date machinery and environmentally-friendly production processes
  • Unique manufacturing processes and special tool treatment bring about the best in results
  • Customised manufacturing on request
10 (3/8'') drive
  • Extensive range of 10 (3/8"') ratchets with matching sockets and accessories
  • Accessories made from GEDORE vanadium steel 31CrV3
  • Highly homogeneous material structure thanks to the hot-forged production process
12.5 (1/2'') drive
  • Extensive range of metric and imperial ½" sets
  • Made in well-proven GEDORE quality
  • Highly homogeneous material structure thanks to the hot-forged production process
  • For professional tool use in each and every industry
  • For heavy continuous use and safety in everyday work
20 (3/4'') drive
  • Innovative, functional design
  • Maximum resilience of the sockets and robustness of the drive parts
  • Highly homogeneous material structure thanks to the hot-forged production process
  • Reliable and accurate
25 (1") drive
  • Extensive range of ratchets / sockets for 1" drives
  • Use of high alloy 31CrV3 steel
  • Heat formed sockets which have a wear resistant, fine-grained structure and a long service life
Friction ratchets
  • Friction ratchet with insert ring (UD profile, bi-hexagon or square)
  • Also available without an insert ring
  • Insert rings available separately (UD profile size 8 - 105)
  • Also available as a construction ratchet (bi-hexagon) and a reversible ratchet

Universal Extension for challenging installations

½" extension with magnet

  • For confined spaces and hard-to-reach screw connections
  • Strong holding magnet with spring mechanism
  • Secure fixation of even large screws

An extension that keeps its promise

Strong grip Universal use Award-winning technology
GEDORE Nuss mit Magnet Funktionsprinzip

Our award-winning ½" Universal Extension with holding magnet 1990 M is a genuine all-rounder Thanks to the unique spring mechanism, the holding magnet holds every screw in the perfect position, ensuring accurate and secure fixation. Thanks to the extra strong magnet, even large screws are held reliably, which is of tremendous benefit when working in restricted environments. Our innovative Universal Extension received the Eisen Award in 2014.

  • For spanner sizes to 36 mm
  • Secure central screw fixation
  • Strong holding magnet with spring mechanism also for large screws
  • Makes screw connections much easier in difficult environments