Hammers / Striking tools

Hammers / Striking tools

  • High quality and safe. Ideal for the toughest continuous use
  • Strong and long-lasting thanks to the careful manufacture
  • Tested exclusive quality for safe, productive working
GEDORE hammers
Engineers' hammers ROTBAND-PLUS®
  • Forged hammer head DIN 1041
  • Contoured ash (E 600 E) or hickory handle (E 600 EH) DIN 5111, with an additional long, hardened steel protection sleeve for the handle
  • Spare handles complete with steel sleeve, tapered collar, fixing plate and wood screw
  • ROTBAND-PLUS® hammers utilize the patented securing system - never lose your head again!
  • The protective steel sleeve, tapered collar, fixing plate and wood screw join the hammer head and handle in a single unit = maximum work safety
  • The long handle sleeve made of steel protects the handle from damage when the hammer misses its target. This guarantees a long service life
  • Spare handles also available
Engineers' hammers

Forged hammer head DIN 1041

Various designs:

  • ash (E 4 E) or hickory handle (E 4 H) to DIN 5111
  • With an Ultramid® plastic handle and safety wedge
  • Almost unbreakable fibreglass handle with a plastic grip and additionally hardened head (induction tempered edges of the flat side of the head available on request)
  • Steel tube handle with plastic grip (very robust and durable) English engineer's hammer with ball
Joiners' hammers, French pattern
  • With contoured ash handle DIN 5111
Club hammer

Forged head DIN 6475

Various designs:

  • With ROTBAND-PLUS® system
  • With ash or hickory handle
  • Almost unbreakable fibreglass handle with plastic grip and secured head
  • Steel tube handle and plastic grip
Sledge hammers


  • resilient, almost unbreakable, low-on-vibration hammer
  • Forged hammer head to DIN 1193
  • Head ground and clear varnished
  • Rubber handle reinforced inside with hardened steel tube
  • Hammer head and steel tube form a keyed connection. A safety extra!
  • Sledge hammer also with ROTBAND-PLUS system or as a classic sledge hammer with an ash (E 9) or hickory (9 H) handle, DIN 5112
  • Spare handles available
Bricklayer's hammer

Available in a variety of types:

  • Rhineland pattern
  • Berlin pattern
  • Builder's hatchet

Always with

  • With steel tube handle and plastic grip
  • Very robust and durable
Carpenter's hammers

75 GSTM Carpenter's hammers:

  • Head and handle forged in one piece, almost unbreakable
  • Ergonomic, air-cushioned 2-component handle
  • Optimum impact force - a result of its perfect balance
  • Fatigue-free working due to the new anti-vibration system
  • With straight-through shaft right to the end of the handle
  • Magnetic nail holder

Also available as classic carpenter's hammers:

  • With steel tube handle and plastic grip
  • With and without magnet
Paving / tile / miscellaneous hammers

Paving hammer square

  • With welded plate and large vulcanised rubber block, L 10 x H 8 x W 10 mm
  • With ash handle
  • Spare handle E 18 E

Glazier's hammer blank

  • Hickory handle, protective handle sleeve and safety screw for a durable safe connection of handle and hammer head
  • Spare handle E 72 H

Spare handles available

Scaling hammer
  • … with or without ROTBAND-PLUS® system
  • With hickory handle, ash handle or steel tube handle
GEDORE hammers
Recoilless hammers
  • Due to the special filling insert in the hammer head, a significantly higher striking effect is reached compared to standard engineers' and recoilless hammers
  • The counter pulse triggered by the hammer head cannot be felt through the special filling.
  • Bouncing blows are avoided.
  • Universal use for service and assembly work, with all advantages of a recoilless hammer with higher striking effect
  • Wide range of designs with various handles available
Wooden / copper / lead hammers

Available in a wide range of shapes and versions

Forging tools
  • For separating cold and warm forgings
  • With ash handle
  • Spare handle E 37 E
Assembly tools / pry bars
  • The setting punch in chrome vanadium steel 59CrV4 is fully hardened along its entire length and approved; special sizes available on request.
  • Chrome-molybdenum-vanadium air hardening steel 45CrMoV7, carefully hardened and tempered along the full length
  • Bending tool (hexagon), carefully hardened and tempered along the full length
  • and more
Nail lifter / crowbars

Available in various designs:

  • Nail lifter, pentagonal Made from special steel, working edges carefully hardened and tempered
  • Crowbar with straight cutting edge and tip
  • Crowbar with curved cutting edge and tip
  • Crowbar with claw and tip
  • Heavy-duty crowbar with round head and cutting edge
GEDORE striking tools
  • The substance: 45CrMoV7 (Chrome-molybdenum-vanadium air hardening steel). This makes GEDORE striking tools around 30% stronger (with the same hardness) than the standard DIN 59CrV4 material.
  • 45CrMoV7 features is both extremely stable and tremendously tough.
  • Tools cannot break even under the hardest working conditions.
  • Various chisel shapes available
  • Protective hand guard available separately
Drift / Centre / Pin Punches
  • Chrome-molybdenum-vanadium air hardening steel 45CrMoV7
  • Carefully hardened and tempered along the full length
  • Striking heads inductively tempered
  • Working edge polished and clear varnished
  • Special types or sizes on request
  • Also available as practical sets