Mobile workshop solutions by GEDORE

Well thought out. Flexible

mobile solutions for the workshop "to go"

The workshop comes to the customer

In the olden days, the customer used to come to the workshop when something needed to be made or repaired, but today, more and more frequently the workshop comes to the customer or to the machine. Developments such as "Do it for me" instead of "Do it yourself" and a growing number of "all-rounders" who no longer have their own workshop reinforce this trend towards mobility.

Modular systems

We support the industry and trade with well though out solutions that facilitate flexible and efficient processes in mobile use.
Our modular organisation, transportation and working system Mixx & Click is based on our proven L-BOXXes and our partner Sortimo®'s Mobility Standard. It consists of individually configurable building boxes, modules and station, and fulfils all the requirements for mobility, organisation, load safety, compatibility and flexibility. The GEDORE WorkMo offers even more options: our workshop "to go" combines tool storage, tool transportation and a mobile workplace in a single system.