GEDORE Torque Solutions

The Lösomats by GEDORE

High-torque wrenches from 100 to 54,000 Nm

GEDORE Torque Solutions is GEDORE's manufacturer brand for high-torque wrenches from 100 - 54,000 N·m. As a specialist in high-torque screwing technology, GEDORE Torque Solutions offers a broad range of products: from cordless torque wrenches, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic torque wrenches to hydraulic power units and test stands.

High-torque cordless screwdrivers
  • High-torque electric screwdriver series LDE/LEW
  • 90 - 6000 Nm
  • Now with a new, strong 140 Wh rechargeable battery (28 V, 5 Ah).
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High-torque electric screwdrivers
  • High-torque electric screwdriver series LDE/LEW
  • 90 - 13,000 Nm
  • New with digital display with visual/acoustic user guide
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High-torque pneumatic screwdrivers
  • The high-torque pneumatic screwdriver series LPK/LPK-X
  • 80 - 12,800 Nm
  • Quiet and accurate on torque – from as little as 2 bar operating pressure
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Hydraulic screwdrivers
  • The hydraulic screwdriver series LDH/LDK
  • 60 - 27,000 Nm
  • LDH series: the LDH is used wherever there is little space, but high torque is required.
  • LDK series: easy loosening and accurate tightening in the tightest spaces.
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Hydraulic power unit
  • The hydraulic power unit series LHU
  • to 800 bar
  • New cooling air supply (patent pending) for optimum cooling of the power unit even under extreme loads.
  • Non-wearing pump technology means the power unit is maintenance-free.
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Torque multiplier
  • The torque multiplier series LKV
  • 100 - 54,000 Nm
  • Indestructible overload safety mechanism
  • Tooth flanks with a ceramic Teflon® coating
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Counter wrenches
  • The counter wrench series LKS
  • RSW 32-115mm
  • Unique patented mechanism
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Test stand technology
  • The test stand technology series LDP
  • 100 - 15,000 Nm
  • Rational, accurate measurement in any application
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Side power wrenches
  • The side power wrench series LES/LPS
  • Developed specifically for working on plate heat exchangers
  • Available with electric and pneumatic operation
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Gate valve wrenches
  • The gate valve wrench series LDA-S, LDE-S, LEW-S
  • For installing gate valves
  • Available with electric or battery operation
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Railway torque wrench
  • Railway torque wrench series LDB
  • to 1100 Nm
  • Universal: the railway torque wrench can be used to screw and drill.
  • Operating weight: reduced from 100 kg to ~17 kg
  • Ergonomic: lies balanced in the user's hand No further guidance is required, especially when drilling on sleepers
  • Suitable for any form of superstructure: HV wrenches (e.g. wheel bearings), drilling sleepers
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