How we see ourselves

Quality. From passion.

Customers from the trade and industry - including numerous market leaders - have appreciated our premium tools for many years.

Working more safely and more efficiently across the world.

Our vision: All across the world, people working more safely and more efficiently – with GEDORE tools.

Tools for life

With over 16,000 tools, we have the widest range of any European manufacturer. But that's not enough. We want to delight: with the best products, excellent service and innovative solutions - in other words, with tools for life.

How we see ourselves

Made by GEDORE

Guarantee for customer proximity, innovation, performance and reliability
Our brand values

All across the world, "Made by GEDORE" stands for the values that make our company what it is: customer proximity, innovation, performance and reliability Our promise is based on these values: tools for life.

We are close to the customer.

We offer all our customers, wherever they are, the right solution so they can achieve excellent results. We always focus on your requirements, and offer you the best service in the industry.

We are innovative.

We are notable for our wealth of ideas, well-founded process know-how and highest German engineering skills, based on which we develop intelligent, needs-based solutions.

We are powerful!

We work highly productively and efficiently, and we are prepared to go the extra mile in order to offer you absolutely precise solutions. This makes us the global quality leader in the field of professional tools.

We are reliable!

We ensure our products and services are of a consistently high quality. We assume responsibility, and guarantee that high social, ethical and ecological standards are observed.