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High-quality tools – more in demand than ever before

In recent years, the market has been flooded with inexpensive mass-produced products, but the Fachverband Werkzeugindustrie e.V. (FWI) is now noticing an increasing trend towards high-quality tools and reliable, well-run brands with a strong quality promise. German consumers' requirements are increasing for fast, reliable deliveries of smaller quantities and special orders of tools – something that cheap suppliers can't offer with mass imports from overseas.

Our core competence: uncompromising quality

High-quality tools and precisely fitting special solutions are our core competence: as one of the world's leading brands for premium tools, GEDORE stands for uncompromising quality, the highest safety and maximum service lives. We undergo permanent checks and audits, and orientate ourselves to high standards – we always exceed DIN requirements!

150 years of forging competence

Lots of our products are forged. We operate Europe's biggest hydraulic double-acting hammer, and we have more than 150 yearsof experience in forging. Something that lots of other providers whose forged parts we manufacture also appreciate. Our forged products such as pullers or large spanners are made with extreme precision, tough and strong. Which is why they help to facilitate efficiency.

More quality – stronger tools

Yet another reason for the superior quality and long service lives of our products: we always use first-class materials, and our tools far exceed the requirements. A modern machine part, well-trained staff and optimum processes ensure that the production process works to the maximum.

Ergonomic down to the details, safe for generations

Our products are also all notable for extreme ergonomics and functionality, something that we ourselves ensure by watching over even the tiniest details. And because we watch out for all this, and sustainability is of the utmost importance to us in every respect, our customers can be sure even after decades that they will still be able to obtain products and spare parts from us. This is what investment safety has looked like for generations.

As you can see, when it comes to high-quality hand and special tools, GEDORE is the first address. Because we offer tools for life – and the full range under one roof.