Intelligent tools for industry 4.0

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Tools for the factory of the future

Data communication in production

Megatrends such as Industry 4.0 demand intelligent tools as well as solutions for the documentation and evaluation of customer data. Automated factories today already contain components, tools and transportation containers, machines and conveyor equipment with sensors and communications systems that exchange and evaluate thousands of items of data every second in order to manufacture goods quickly and efficiently.

Intelligent torque tools

We are working intensively on innovative solutions for the production of the future. These include, for instance, future-orientated torque wrenches with interfaces for data transmission and data documentation. In the electronic torque wrench E-Torc Q, we can already offer our customers a tool that has intelligent measuring technology and powerful software for intuitive parametrisation, recording, graphic evaluation and the archiving of screw connection data. Data communication is either via a USB mini interface or by wireless (WiFI 2.4 and 5 GHz). This makes the E-torc Q perfect for the documentation of screw connections in quality assurance, process optimisation and research and development.

GEDORE E-Torq Q Ansicht