GEDORE Automotive

GEDORE Automotive

Special tools for vehicle maintenance

KLANN was founded in Donaueschingen in 1978. It has been a part of the GEDORE Group since 2002, and since 2015 has borne its name: GEDORE Automotive

GEDORE Automotive GmbH is a medium-sized internationally active company that develops and manufactures special tools for the automobile industry.

With over 90 patents and utility models both at home and abroad, GEDORE Automotive is one of the leading special tool manufacturers in the world.

When it comes to carrying out, easing and optimising repairs on vehicles, GEDORE Automative (KLANN) special tools are used time and again all around the world. The primary aim of GEDORE Automotive is to make repairs safer, easier, quicker and thus more reasonable in price. To this end, we develop innovative special tools in our testing plant for all vehicle types.