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Repair Service

An all-in price is established for repairs on each wrench. This saves on cost and time in a direct comparison with an individual cost calculation. As a result, repairs can be carried out immediately without the need for clearing the costs. Exceptions: any electronic test instrument and electronic torque wrench.

You will be informed in writing should a repair not be possible for reasons of age or the damage on hand. You then have the opportunity within four weeks of having the product returned in a non-repaired state. There is no charge on having the product sent back. If we hear nothing to the contrary, the product will be scrapped free of charge. In such an instance, we would be pleased to provide you with a new product on favourable terms.

Working on mechanical torque wrenches from GEDORE's own production takes up to 5-7 working days after receipt of product plus dispatch – 10-15 working days after receipt of product plus dispatch for all electronic torque wrenches and test equipment from our own production.