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About Gedore

With the foundation of the GEDORE Werkzeugfabrik Otto Dowidat KG in 1919 the basis for the GEDORE Group was built. With every additional enterprise entering the group the company grew into a network of specialists for tools. Now the group employs roughly 3.000 people.


With a delivery program, which covers approx. 18,000 products, GEDORE ranks among the largest tool manufacturers world-wide. The product range contains tool trolleys, mobile workbenches, tool cases, tool sets, spanners, ratchets, torque tools, screwdrivers, pliers, special purpose tools pullers hammers, chisels, pipe cutters, flaring tools, pipe benders, forestry tools and automotive special tools.


Strong innovation and a high claim of quality are decisive and for that GEDORE’s principal place of manufacture is still in Remscheid, Germany. The name GEDORE guarantees with “Made in Germany “ for quality and longevity. The world-wide presence in the market is a result of the numerous foreign agencies and factories. GEDORE tools are used in all industrial areas including Automotive, Offshore, Chemical, Power, Cement, Mining and Aerospace segments, GEDORE also supplies specials solutions and customized products, which are tailored to our customers’ needs with the support of our technical field service Team and our in house Research, Design & Development Team.


Gedore a popular name in India

Most of you will recall that until the early eighties “ Gedore Tools” were the most favored hand tools brand in India. It was locally manufactured here and was household name. Though the Group decided to pull out of the market yet the name was kept alive within the loyal users by expressions like “Gedore Like Spanners”.


“ Gedore” the most popular hand tools brand is now available in India !!


With the setting up of a 100% subsidiary of the Gedore Group in India – Gedore India Pvt. Ltd. has now on offer a range of Premium hand tools-all imported from Germany