GEDORE extension with holding magnet – a real problem-solver

5/12/2014 5:35:58 PM

The problem of deep-seated screws is a recurring one in numerous workshops. Once loosened, it is impossible to grasp hold of the screw with a hand in the confined space and hold it in the socket to safely pull it out of the depth. There is a risk of the screw falling out of the socket and landing in the engine compartment, and it could take a considerable amount of time to retrieve.

The GEDORE extension with holding magnet holds the screw safely in the socket. The advantage of the GEDORE extension is that it can be used with any ½” socket, making it suitable for universal use (from spanner size 8 to 36 mm, outside TORX® sockets). The sprung pin makes it easy to insert the screw in the centre of the thread. The strong permanent holding magnet will hold even large screws securely in the socket, and the screw can be screwed in directly with one hand. The 1990 M can be extended to the desired length by adding further extensions.

The GEDORE extension 1990 M with holding magnet is made of GEDORE vanadium steel 31CrV3, is hot-forged and chrome-plated. The spring pin is manganese-phosphated. The product is made in Germany, and will be available from authorised retailers from April.