Electronic torque wrench GEDORE E-torc 2S with angle measurement

5/12/2014 5:28:21 PM

The easy, clear handling of the GEDORE E-torc 2S and its high measurement accuracy guarantee the highest screw connection qualities, the visualisation of the screw connection with triple signalling secure installation procedures. It is possible to process both individual and multiple tightening parameters with various tightening values and precise documentation of all the measured data (date, time, readings etc.) in sequence.

The microprocessor-controlled E-torc 2S is designed for controlled bi-directional tightening over a range of 2 to 1000 N•m (5 models). The aluminium housing and ergonomic handle ensure easy, safe handling - even with large tightening torques. Its extensive measurement range and the various drives (22/28 mm pins, ¼"/½” square driver 9 x 12/14 x 18 mm rectangular cavity with pin-locking mechanism) guarantee extremely flexible working. The appropriate end fittings can be used to carry out measuring and controlling tasks from the side (open-ended ring fitting etc.) or from above (ratchet head or fixed square drive in combination with sockets).

The E-torc 2S is designed with a serial interface RS 232 as the connection to a PC. A USB adapter (RS232 on USB) is included in the delivery. It also has visual, acoustic and sensory (vibration) signals. As before, the screw connection process is displayed on an LED progress bar. It is also possible to record up to 50 courses and save them. They can be displayed in a graph using the enclosed software. The operating key on the side activates the save operation. Its measurement accuracy is +/- 1% tolerance of all readings (+/- 1 digit). The zero point is set automatically (calibration) at the touch of a button and after stand-by mode. The electronic torque wrench can process a flowchart with up to 100 screw parameters.

The GEDORE E-torc 2S is supplied in a strong metal case with module inserts for accessories. Also included in the delivery are a ½” rectangular reversible ratchet head (models 150 and 300), a USB adapter, the software and two standard batteries.
A test certificate to DIN EN ISO 6789:2003 Type I Class C is also included.

The GEDORE E-torc 2S is made in Germany, and will be available from authorised trade dealers from April.