GEDORE DREMOMETER – strong, light, universal and safe

12/31/2013 3:01:04 PM

GEDORE’s DREMOMETER in aluminium was developed over 50 years ago. To this day, it remains without compare in torque technology, and it is made entirely in Solingen. Its strengths in detail …
The strong one
Users all over the world need a reliable torque wrench that can “put up with quite a bit when it has to”. Whether on- or off-shore, in industrial manufacturing, wind farms, agriculture or changing tyres – if screws need to be tightened safely, then the GEDORE Alu DREMOMETER is a reliable companion.
The reason? Its unique construction. The housing is made of a solid high-quality aluminium alloy. The semi-finished products with steel-like strength properties are made specifically for the DREMOMETER. The only exception is the MINI; a high-tech polyamide is used for the housing, which is injection moulded.
The lightweight one
Anyone who spends the day working with screws will appreciate a lightweight, high-quality tool that helps to keep the physical effort involved to a minimum.
The intelligent construction of the DREMOMETER and clever choice of materials proves that properties such as strength, high quality and lightness are not mutually exclusive. Strong can also be light!
The universal one
The GEDORE DREMOMETER is available for applications from 2 to 3000 Newton metres. Almost any standard screw connection from M4 to M36 can be tightened with a DREMOMETER. Using a single system that covers every size increases the safety of the procedure and reduces the amount of training required.
The DREMOMETER is available with various drive options for use with push-fit and end fitting tools in the range of accessories. Even tricky installation situations can be dealt with successfully and economically.
The safe one
All DREMOMETERs with square drives have one major advantage over steel tube torque wrenches: the DREMOMETER does not have to be activated in the middle of the handle.
The option of extending the DREMOMETER with open end extension tubes in the GEDORE range of accessories makes the task tireless, and ensures the reliable quality of the screwing process. This advantage is appreciated by users, individuals in charge of installation services and quality managers in equal measure.
The A+S (locking and safety) version of the DREMOMETER also allows the customer to define the locking and safety of the pre-set torque value over a range of 2 to 3000 Newton metres.
This prevents accidental or unwanted adjustment of the torque value, and offers the user reliability and safety for series installations.